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Midlife in America is changing. Men and women between the ages of “40 something” to “70 something” are more active and adventuresome than ever before. They represent the largest population growth segment for Yoga. This program offers an overall lifestyle approach to Yoga that includes asana that is accommodating, covering everyday biomechanics, management of common aches and pains and weight reduction with Yoga, gait training, stress reduction and sleeping tips. A balanced presentation of an online course and a four-day intensive. For Yoga teachers and students.

The Certificate Program in Prime of Life Yoga is a one-semester specialty program for Yoga teachers and dedicated students focusing on Yoga for midlife and beyond. The concept is a partial home study of 25 hours combined with a 25-hour four day intensive course. Yoga Alliance has agreed to count this as continuing education credit for their program. Upon completion of the 50 hours of study, participants will receive a certificate in Prime of Life Yoga.


Home study is done online through LMU Blackboard prior to the course, and at the individual’s own pace. At the conclusion of the 25-hour home study, participants meet for a four-day intensive course. The program runs one semester. Participants who complete the Prime of Life Yoga® certificate program will earn a total of 5.0 LMU Extension semester hours and a certificate of completion from Loyola Marymount University. Tuition is $985 for the program. *Schedules and tuition are subject to change.*

In order to receive the credential and use POLY after your name, you must have completed POLY Levels I & II unless you were previously grandfathered in, or you are also a graduate of YTRx Level II and above. **In order to teach a POLY class, you must have an RYT-200 credential from Yoga Alliance or another approved course.**

For detailed information on the program please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.

Prime of Life Yoga® Teacher Training: Level I

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 For Yoga teachers and serious students. 4 day intensive of 25 hours and on-line portion of 25 hours. A breath-oriented practice for mid-life and beyond, inspired  by the contemporary teachings of the late Professor Sri T Krishnamacharya and his son TKV Desikachar. 


Prime of Life Yoga® Teacher Training: Level II

Our first POLY Level II training in California, home of Samata Yoga and Prime of Life Yoga®! The course includes a 25-hour home study online portion, plus the 4-day in-person intensive. The online course is available to registered students 2 months before the class.

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Prime of Life Yoga® Teacher Training in Los Angeles, CA
Level I

Prime of Life Yoga® Level I Teacher Training
ONLINE COURSE OPENS: January 7, 2019
IN-PERSON INTENSIVE: March 14-17, 2019
with Larry Payne Ph.D.,YTRx at Loyola Marymount University


Prime of Life Yoga® Teacher Training in Los Angeles, CA
Level II*

Prime of Life Yoga® Level II Teacher Training
with Larry Payne Ph.D.,YTRx at Samata International Yoga & Health Center

*It is possible to take Level II before completing the Level I training! Contact for details

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