Welcome to Yoga After 50 (Prime of Life Yoga®) Level III!

In this third installment of Prime of Life Yoga (POLY) we cover topics to help you expand your practice and teaching expertise and deepen your understanding on how to be of service to the population that is 50 and better. While 50 may be the new 30 in many ways, aging happens and greeting these changes with an open heart and mind helps you and your students continue to enjoy their yoga practice and support their wellness.

As with the other levels of Prime of Life Yoga, the written online portion is intended to precede the “in person” Zoom portion with the various instructors, each of whom is an expert in the area they are teaching. By doing the background reading first, you will have a basic understanding of the material and be ready to dive into it with your instructors. We encourage you to explore all the links and the hyperlinks of interest within the links in each section, as this is part of the required reading. In addition, we provide you with a list of suggested reading should you choose to delve deeper. The book list will follow this introduction and is also included within each section.

Thank you for joining us for this program, and we look forward to seeing you online!

Samata International Yoga and Health Center

Study Guide prepared by Deborah Myers, MS

Yoga practitioner and teacher, Public Health Nutritionist


The POLY III curriculum comprises the following areas:

  • Chair yoga: Sitting and Standing
  • Restorative yoga
  • Joint Freeing Series – Pavanmuktasana
  • Sex after 50
  • Death and Dying
  • Putting it Together – The Whole Picture (The Pancamaya Model and Motivational Interviewing)
  • Teaching Yoga Online (resources are provided)

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