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    Monica Boomgard

    I find it very humbling that I am now one of “those” people in the “Prime of Life”. Golden Girl in the 21st century. It has taught me not just humility, but to trust myself in the experiences that I bring to yoga teaching. Before I took any classes for “older people”, I knew that I had to modify some of the things that I did in class because of a hip that has developed arthritis. Hate that when it happens!!!!

    Bringing my personal experiences in how to create modification and accommodations for myself, is really the catalist to finding out more. Western culture does not really honor aging as other cultures do. In the 21st century, being a woman over a “certain” age can be devistating. Many of my peers feel like they turned 60 and became “invisible” or …….

    Celebrating our wisdom is something that we need to do more of ….Prime of Life yoga is that opportunity to do so.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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