Layers of an onion

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    The image of an onion is a wonderful way to view our bodies from the outside physically, mentally, and spiritually. The outside layer is tough, hard, dry, and even somewhat easy to peel. Yet, it is also a layer that offers protection. Protection from all of the events that created the layers. As we begin to peel the layers of the onion and our personal onion, we begin to see how we used the layer of protection to keep us from growing. We begin to understand our own protection.

    As an onion is peeled, the wetness within begins to emerges as is also indicative of our own tear when we peel our own onion. At the time we notice the tear that are finally allowed to emerge from the protection of the outer layer.

    Using the breath to regulate and carefully coordinate our postures provides us with an inner awareness that allows us to move peacefully from within. We begin to befriend our body.

    Brenda Feuerstein

    I agree, Yvonne. I found the onion and its layers a wonderful image to help me further understand and experience the various bodies. Thanks for sharing!


    Yvonne, what a beautiful and reflective post about and onion and ourselves.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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