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    Stress comes in different ways and can be short-lived or last more time than we would like. As such, it is vital for us to have different ways to reduce stress and in our tool box. Having a daily Prime of Life Yoga class due to its meditative qualities can help individuals reduce stress as well as awaken their spirit to other causes of stress that may not be at the surface. Asana can help us reduce stress as we bring awareness to our breath.

    Shavasana is such a beautiful final pose! It is a way to thank our bodies for our practice as well as allow or body and mind to acknowledge our journey at that very moment. As we relax in shavasana our body is able to fully integrate our practice and rewires our mind.

    Yoga Nidra is also a wonderful practice! The rotation of awareness through different parts of the body gives us an opportunity to notice and accept with grace the difference that is present within. When we are experiencing a particular pain and/or issue it allows us to hold both in awareness and be able to find peace in between.


    Exploring the various ways to reduce stress and and let go/not attach certainly is a practice. I enjoy bhavana and find that it is a good way to let the mind go to a fun/peaceful/loving place. Bhavana at the end of practice can help calm the mind.

    I am beginning to explore yoga nidra and look forward to offering it when teaching yoga.

    Deborah Barry

    It’s fascinating to become aware of the many techniques that can be used for stress relief. It IS what the world needs now!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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