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    Attunement (mindfulness) is an absolutely wonderful step to start a practice and one that I think is often ignored. In the Prime of Life Yoga we are invited to slow down and connect with our bodies. This is where we begin our meditation with movement. It is a first step in the process of giving our body the message to slow down, to notice sensations which may be messages, it opens our heart to our heart and by doing so we are connecting energetically with the other hearts in the room.

    As we give our body permission to become mindful we are then able to notice the sensations in our body during the initial steps in our practice so that we can set the stage for the rest of the practice. Every day is a new day and a pose that we were able to do yesterday we may not be able to do today. With attunement, we are able to see and feel within and respect our bodies and ourselves for where we are today.

    Attunemnt stays present throughout our practice via our breath. Awareness allows us to stay present.

    Deb NY

    Attunement resonates with me as well. The chance to be, see what is needed, what feels right and move from there.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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