Asana in the service pranayama, pranayama in the service of mind.

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    Jane McQueen

    Asana prepares the physical body to be able sit for pranayama. Pranayama prepares the mind and focuses the field of attention to lead into meditation. Pranayama frees the breath allowing the practitioner to lengthen the breath thereby balancing the energetic body, aids in improving mental focus, balances the emotions and improves overall wellness.
    The practitioner first observes the breath then can incorporate ujjayi to valve the throat to help lengthen the inhale and the exhale.
    Energetic effects of advanced pranayama techniques can be explored through the ratio breathing.
    Samavritti: all components of the breath or equal
    Visamavritti: the comments of the breath are different.
    Ratio techniques may also be incorporate into asana practices to challenge the practitioner.
    Techniques include: alternate nostril, anuloma/viloma krama, shitali or sitkari have energizing effects with intention to either heat/cool, stimulate/sedate the nadiis.
    Kapalabhati is a kria or cleansing techinque which is energizing or stimulating.
    Bandhas are locks or seals are advanced techniques and are not advised for beginners.
    *There are certain contraindications for pranayama techniques and the application of bandhas and should be taught under the guidance
    of a teacher.
    The use of sound assist in lengthening the exhalation. Modulating pitch and volume can energize or sedate, increase mental focus and bring balance to the system.


    Before I studied yogic breathing I was taught to pant in a prenatal class. The panting took your mind off the pain of delivery and focused it on something else.
    This was my first experience with using your breathe. Controlling the breathe has many benefits during the yoga practice and in normal life situations.

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