Reply To: The art of sequencing!


I can honestly say that a well sequenced yoga practice is the most important aspect of teaching yoga, any style of yoga. As we set the stage or a particular goal, we begin to design a practice around how best to prepare the body for that particular pose so that the body is well prepared. Once the goal pose is reached, it is important to compensate for any restrictions or challanges the pose may have created. It is also a great idea to think about the possible modifications as we prepare the body as well as a an easier version for the “goal” pose. This is particulary important when teaching large groups. As we are watching our students, we will have a greater idea how our sequence is working or not. I like to remember to teach for the least able and offer modifications along the way for those that can do more. Always encouraging to listen to their own bodies, staying aware of the breath as a guide to how they are doing.

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