‘Find an Instructor’ Profile Guidelines

Your Profile Guidelines:

You will see on the form that there are spaces to fill in your contact info and a place to write your biography (bio).  Please fill in all your info and be descriptive about your yoga activities and passions in the bio.  Let the reader get to know you.

New Photo Guidelines

  • we need a new photo from everyone.
  • it can be your current photo but must be at a high enough resolution.
  • Your photo needs to be at least 250 X 300 (pixels) and have max size of 1.5 Mb.
  • an acceptable file type .jpg, .png, .gif, .tiff.
  • square or portrait style.
  • color
  • make sure the lighting is bright and even on your face
  • that you are looking at the camera
  • selfies are not recommended as they distort your face.
  • smart phone shots are OK, just have some else shoot it, or if you know how to take self portraits, use a self timer.
  • no bright backgrounds and dark faces
  • no vacation snapshots
  • smile and look warm

Profile Photo Guidelines and Requirements

Your picture is an important part of your profile; it gives potential clients/students their first impression of you. Teachers with excellent profile photos will be promoted by our marketing team. Please see these examples, requirements, and instructions to help you choose or take a great picture. NOTE: Your photos will be square or rectangular on the Samata Site.

Good Examples


















 Bad Examples

Distracting Clothing

Shows other people












Face not clearly shown







 awkward poses



















Busy backgrounds

Blurry or Sunglasses

The best profile pictures are:

• Friendly and professional-looking

• You want to make a good first impression! Especially if you have a professional teaching profile, it is important to have a good picture.

• Clear, with good lighting.

• This shows that you care about quality, and good lighting will make you look more professional. Do not take your photo at night and use a dark or blurry picture.

• Close-up, and recognizable

Sample of Proportions

If you want to download a copy of the above ‘Guidelines’ please do so here: Samata Profile Photo Guidelines and Requirements.pdf


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